The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has called for the establishment of voter registration centres in Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps and host communities. 

    According to INEC, this  move will allow IDPs to participate in the electoral process without facing undue burdens.

    The call was made by Prof. Kunle Ajayi, the National Commissioner and Chairman of the Outreach and Partnership Committee at a training session for IDP coordinators in Abuja. 

    The training, which was organized by the All-rights Foundation Africa and funded by the European Union’s Support for Democratic Governance in Nigeria, focused on enhancing IDPs’ involvement in voting.

    Dorathy Bello, a committee member representing Prof. Kunle Ajayi, emphasized the need to create an inclusive and enabling environment that encourages and empowers IDPs to actively participate in the democratic process. This starts with the establishment of accessible and well-organized voter registration centres in IDP camps and host communities.

    In addition to setting up registration centres, Ajayi highlighted the importance of tailored voter education programs to inform IDPs about their rights, the electoral process, and the significance of their participation.

    The event also addressed the lack of awareness regarding INEC policies, with Jake Epelle, the Chief Executive Officer of TAF Africa, stressing the need to educate not only the coordinators but also the general public about INEC’s role and the involvement of IDPs in the electoral process.

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