The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has initiated a fundraising campaign aimed at constructing durable homes for internally displaced persons in Northeastern Nigeria.

    Dubbed “Home for the Displaced,” the campaign seeks to address the region’s housing crisis by supporting the construction of low-cost, permanent homes through an incremental and modular approach. These homes are intended for the 1.5 million people currently residing in temporary shelters due to violence, conflict, and the effects of climate change.

    IOM Nigeria Chief of Mission, Mr. Laurent de Boeck, emphasising the importance of providing displaced individuals with safe and dignified housing options, stated, “Displacement ends when people have a home to call their own, and in our strive to achieve durable solutions, we need to work together to offer displaced persons with safe, affordable, and dignified housing options.”

    In collaboration with the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund, this initiative highlights IOM’s commitment to fostering private sector partnerships, including engagement with the diaspora, to tackle Nigeria’s protracted displacement crisis.

    According to IOM News Website, all donations for the campaign will directly support the construction of homes, drawing upon the technical expertise gained from the realisation of the three winning designs from the competition. These designs offer affordable housing solutions tailored to climate and weather conditions, providing protection against environmental challenges such as heavy rains, flooding, windstorms, dust, and termites.

    The construction methodology, based on Compressed Stabilised Earth Bricks (CSEBs), represents an advancement over traditional mud bricks, offering enhanced durability and sustainability. 

    The fundraising initiative has garnered support from various organizations, including the National Association of Nigerian Students in Europe (NANSE), Nigerian Youth in Diaspora (NYD), and Education in Disaster.

    This collaborative endeavor marks a significant step towards providing displaced persons with stability and security amidst adversity.

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